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CARS: $19.95 / SUVs: $24.95

The bronze package offers a basic exterior wash that will help protect your cars appearance, and will keep it clean and shiny.The whole exterior of your car will be hand cleaned, all bugs will be removed, and the wheels will receive the special treatment that they deserve.


CARS: $34.95 / SUVS: $44.95

The silver package is the first step to getting your car the attention that it deserves. It includes everything from the bronze package, and also a thorough interior cleaning, full interior vacuum, cleaning of the door jambs, under the seats, and even the trunk edges.



CARS: $54.95 / SUVS: $64.95

The gold package combines the best from both worlds of car washing and detailing. It offers incredible exterior and interior cleaning and also includes an organic spray on wax that will help preserve your cars finish.


CARS: $119.95 / SUVS: $149.95

The platinum package offers you to restore the smoothness of your car and is our most popular package. After the platinum treatment your car will not feel rough like sandpaper, instead it will be smooth and slippery, like it was just taken out of the showroom. It includes clay bar topped with our hand wax for the perfect mini-detail.


CARS: $249.95 / SUVS: $299.95

The ultimate detailing package. Get your car looking like brand new. We recommend it before selling your vehicle to increase value, or just to have a smooth, shiny, scratch-free finish. The diamond package is our full detail package, and it includes polishing, clay bar , and hand wax for the exterior, while on the inside the leather will be treated, all carpets, floor mats and cloth seats will be shampooed, and all plastic parts and windows scrubbed and left spotless.

Additional Services

Quick Wax - $19.95

Hand Caranuba Wax - $29.95

Klasse Paint Sealing - $79.95

Back to Black - $19.95

Headlight Restoration - $39.95

Leather Treatment / Seats Shampoo - $39.95

Carpets & Floormats Shampoo - $49.95

Clay Bar Procedure - $49.95

Excessively Large Vehicle - $14.95

Motorcycle Wash - $14.95

Motocycle Detail - $69.95

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